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Adila is a wonderful coach. She has been very helpful to me in understanding myself and guiding me through the healing process. I highly recommend joining her program. She is very kind and a beautiful person inside and out. 


Entrepreneur & Mom of 2, Dubai Creek

Adila is such a wonderful presence and has helped me a lot in my personal development. Most importantly, she helped me see things from various perspectives, which have really helped me with my relationships.
Zainab Dawood -AE

MBA Student Manager, United Arab Emirates

It has been a wonderful journey with Adila; the professionalism, patience, and experience provided have been truly uplifting. 

S Sablay

Real Estate, United Arab Emirates

I have delved into spheres of my mind that were previously unfamiliar to me. The transformation has been powerful for my growth! Thanks to The Coach’ I have been stuck for a while with my emotions. Work has been incredibly successful but my relationships were collapsing. Everything has changed now. My relationships are thriving too. 

M Abdul

-OPS DIRECTOR - Dubai, Dubai Creek

Adila is my coach for past 4 months. She has helped me work through deep emotional problem. She has helped me focus and find clarity. I manage a team of 80+ employees with my group of managers. I have had burnout and overthinking. Today, we are succeeding. I had transformed thinking. Now my team benefits. Astounding coach Adila’ 


Dubai Industrial City , United Arab Emirates

Adila is power, grace & excellence. She is phenomenal and passionate. She is intelligent, articulate & professional. Our sessions are impactful, healing & calming and brings me clarity. Adila is truly gifted. I would 100% recommend her coaching services to anyone looking for inner and outer transformation both personally and professionally.’ 

Kajal Reedoy

(MBA) Lab Scientist,, South Africa

My direct reports comprise  118+ employees, and I have been struggling with rapport with first-line management for the past three years; my inflexibility & self-righteous attitude got me there. Adila has taught me the significance & power that lies in active listening & earning rapport. My teams are succeeding. I am no longer micro-managing. I have more time on my hands!’ 

A Chen

Executive Director, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I met Adila at a time in my life where I needed her the most. She has helped me through my trauma, anxiety & depression. She provided tools, skills & strategy to live life with positivity & self confidence. She is patient, understanding & empathic. She goes the extra mile to provide insight & support. She has an amazing personality & is a powerful coach to work with’ 

Yumna - Educator


Adila is a phenomenal executive & leadership coach who has been instrumental in coaching our teams. She has been supportive, empathic, professional and has extensive experience in bringing vision into action” 
M Imraan

Chief Financial Officer , Automotive

Adila’s experience in the hotel industry has added massive value to my team. She helped me navigate specific blind spots in my department, bringing about teamwork and productivity and improving effective communication. She is brilliant. 

Aysha El Din

- Dubai, UAE

It’s often at our darkest times that stars shine the brightest…The Coach South Africa is one of those brightest stars. The acudetox works wonders – great way to gain clarity and re-balance oneself. Highly recommend these services with a warm personal yet professional touch. 


CEO, Penny Appeal , South Africa

The Coach South Africa has been my mentor for the past 3 years. She has guided me onto a path of enlightenment and has brought me closer to being my most authentic and mindful self. She is a brilliant Coach and I strongly recommend her professional services

Cardiovascular Radiographer - KZN

We meet people for a reason in life. Adila has come into my life at the right time when I needed it the most. I had lost my baby at birth. Adila helped me through my trauma, anxiety & depressive states. She gave me the skills and tools in life to live with positivity, gratitude, deep healing and self confidence. She has the utmost patience, understanding & kindness and went out of her way to help me through my journey. She is an amazing Coach!

Tertiary Educator, Kuwait - UAE

My coaching sessions with Adila have hugely helped my anxiety and insomnia. I no longer get anxious and I sleep a lot better. My thought processes are in a healthy and non-toxic state. It is so easy to speak to Adila. She has a calming and soothing nature and she provides a comforting energy. I look forward to my future sessions with my coach. I recommend her as an exceptional, professional and empathic Coach 

Marketing & Media Manager - KZN , South Africa

Adila is a determined mentor. She leaves absolutely no room for the client to give up. I wanted to give up many times, but thanks to Adila, I worked through my challenges. Apart from selflessly opening you up to a world of opportunities, she continuously follows up on your progress & offers a fresh perspective. She has become more than a life mentor and coach to me. She is someone whom I admire & have learned so much from 

Interior Designer & Decorator - JHB